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Buddy Travel Agency

Buddy Travel Agency is a first class travel agency, providing a wide range of travel services in Thailand. We are located at the Buddy Lodge Hotel, on Bangkok’s famous Khaosan Rd. We are the best when it comes to providing Bangkok tours. We offer trips and tour services to key provinces in Thailand, enjoyed by many tourists from around the world. Hotel and tickets reservations are also available.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Buddy Travel Agency to organize your Thailand vacation. We are already well established in the country; booking with us is very easy and we will be responsible for arranging everything for you. Organizing and planning a tour can be stressful, leave it all to us. You can also save money by booking early, leaving some extra cash for souvenirs and presents.

Well-trained and Professional Staff

All the staff at Buddy Travel Agency are warm and professional. We can answer all your queries. We will ensure that your experience in Thailand will be absolutely perfect and memorable. We will provide suggestions to customize your trip; from the hotel to the tours, everything will be perfectly arranged and professionally organized.

Buddy Travel Agency is at 265 Khaosan Road, Taldyod, Pranakorn Thailand. If you wish to call or contact us for any inquiry about tours, trips and the hotel reservation services we offer, you can email us at rsvn@buddygroupthailand.com. You can also reach us by phone at +6626294477 and fax +6626294744.