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Buddy Beer

Buddy Beer

Buddy Beer opened its first bottle over twenty years ago. Since then we have become a recognized watering hole for travelers along the famous Khaosan Road. This is the place ‘where East meets West’. Visitors to Buddy Beer come from all over the world. Tourists and locals alike are happy to meet in this welcoming bar. The wide selection of drinks, extensive menu and idyllic setting that you will find when you arrive at Buddy Beer are sure to leave you with a lasting impression of what Thailand can offer.

Welcoming Staff Coupled with a Warm Ambiance

Staffed entirely by welcoming people who are happy and friendly, Buddy Beer offers a small slice of tranquility along the bustling Khaosan Road. Whether you are looking to sit down with a hearty and authentic Thai feast (choose from an extensive menu of reasonably priced dishes, each hand cooked and prepared with our own special recipes and locally sourced ingredients), let your hair down in the bar or even just find a place to relax in the shade, Buddy Beer is waiting to welcome you into its cool embrace.

Buddy Beer offers colonial-style decoration as a retreat from the heat outside. It is conveniently located in Khaosan Road, beside the Molly Bar and Chez Bruno. It is open 24 hours a day. Come here with your family, to discuss what you have seen, your friends to experience what Thailand can offer or on your own. Sit down and meet some likeminded souls. Buddy Beer caters for all types of guest. We are waiting to welcome you to the bar and surprise you with our very reasonable prices.

Contact Details

Open: 11.00 Hrs. – 02.00 hrs.
Telephone: +66 (0) 2-6295101
Website: www.buddybeer-khaosan.com